Why Smart Cloud

Flexibility - and our approach to cloud computing!

At Smart Cloud we follow a very simple philosophy – we listen to the evolving needs of our customers and adapt to them. To be flexible defines us as a business and is why we chose to include Smart in our name.

We are passionate

We truly believe in and love what we do. We are driven to make the cloud experience better by blending the core intrinsic needs of the market with industry trends. Our roadmap has a beginning, but no end and we’re devoted to expanding our offerings relentlessly.

We take data security seriously

We implement a range of security measures to ensure that no unauthorized access to your data can occur. This includes the use of cameras, intrusion detection systems, alarms, multi factor authentication systems and man traps, among others. 

Cutting edge innovative facilities

All of our components classified as 2n or 2n+1 redundant to satisfy the Tier-3 data center requirements, while with the use of advanced technologies, many of our services run on green energy during a big part of the year

      • Bridge technical skills gaps
      • Minimize technology complexity
      • Simplify applications and data management
      • Reduce budget constraints
      • Enhance Business Continuity and Security
      • Scalable Infrastructure
      • Consultancy
      • High Available Solutions
      • Product Expertise
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        Key Advantages

        • Data is in a private and secured cloud Data Center locally.
        • Data can be accessed easily by our engineers for immediate data recovery.
        • In case of disaster, our engineers can copy the backups to local disk and deliver on site for faster recovery.
        • No extra cost for data download.
        • Data is encrypted on disk providing higher security.
        • Data can be encrypted in transit which is optional at no additional cost.
        • Our backup solution provides for a full VM/server backup and not just files.
        • Our backup solution uses VEEAM technology rated as first in class backup software.
        • We can provide additional services to test your backups in our Disaster Recovery environment to certify data consistency (at an additional cost).
        • Backups Monitoring.